Parkeology excavates social histories of public space through interpretive art prograMS


Face Cast Lab
at Q?rius in the National Museum of Natural History

Face Cast Lab participants selected which colors they wanted their faces to be patinated. Many participants were linked to the museum, such as staff members, interns, or contractors. Others, such as Larry Taylor and Tristan Ahtone, were family members to individuals who had been cast by early 20th century anthropologists. Each person had the option to personally keep their face cast or to add it to the collections of the National Museum of Natural History. Most participants, chose to donate their faces to the museum. This new collection became a physical track record of those who shared a link to the institution’s management and research of identity.


Being Here with You/ Estando aquí contigo
September 20, 2018 - February 3, 2019 at the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego

As part of the Being Here with You/ Estando aquí contigo exhibit at Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, we translated Queen’s Circle into a mini installation that included analogue slide projection of archival material related to cruising culture, Queen’s Circle audio stories, park bench, and a risograph zine designed by Marina Grize and printed at Burn All Books.


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